mari asakawa piano lecture recital: modern polyphony

  eventide for piano, mari asakawa, tokyo opera city, tokyo, japan       (october 29, 2020)

mostra internazionale del cinema di genova

flight over wasteland, screening, genoa, italy, (october 10-18, 2020) schedule is here

ryuichi sakamoto: PTP04022020 with hidejiro honjoh

vermillion study for shamisen solo, hidejiro honjoh, shamisen, presented by dtv and kab inc., tokyo, japan (april 20, 2020)

video (courtesy of mr.sakamoto, available outside japan)

modern to contemporary piano seminar 

resident composer, program includes eventide for piano, mari asakawa, orinasu yame hachihime hall, yame, fukuoka, japan (march 17-20)


left coast chamber ensemble season opener

sharaku unframed, micro-opera for soprano, baritone, shamisen, flute, viola, double bass and percussion, left coast chamber ensemble under the direction of matilda hofman, nikki einfeld (soprano), daniel cilli (baritone), hidjiro honjoh (voice and shamisen), liliya lifanova (stage direction and costume), asian art museum, san francisco conservatory of music, and berkeley hillside club (october 5 and 6, 2019)

review by san francisco classical voice

international shakuhachi festival

galactic monarchs for shakuhachi and string orchestra, john kaizan neptune  (shakuhachi), berg orchestra under the direction of peter vrábel, kz domovina, prague, czech republic (september 16, 2019)

chiharu naruse recital

atardecer/a…retraced, eagle hill institute, steuben, maine (may 18, 2019)

amalgama plays apnm

open passage -in memoriam andrew svoboda-  season concert of the association for the promotion of new music, st-peter’s church, new york, ny (may 17, 2019)


flight over wasteland premiere screening

film version of flight over wasteland, multimedia collaboration with liliya lifanova, anthology film archives, new york, ny (april 13, 2019)


50th anniversary concert of columbia university imjs/japanese cultural heritage initiatives : wagakki renaissance

three poems from ryojin hisho for voice, violin, and  kotsuzumi, yomiuri otemachi hall, tokyo, japan (november 8, 2018)

ayumi shimonoto (voice), shuga hayashi (violin), and kaho tōsha (tsutsumi)

shamisen from edo hauta to contemporary

vermillion study for shamisen solo, hidejiro honjoh, center for new music, san francisco, ca (october 14, 2018)

hidjiro honjoh recital

vermillion study for shamisen solo, hidejiro honjoh, l’atelier by apc, tokyo, japan (august 23, 2018)

shamisen unlimited

vermillion study for shamisen solo (premiere), hidejiro honjoh, divadlo archa, prague, czech republic (june 18, 2018)

take dance anəmˈnēsis

take ueyama, whose work has been described by the new york times as “a bold tribute to modernity, with just enough originality,” is creating landscape 2, set to gossamer lattice, west end theater, nyc, ny (may 23, 24, and 25, 2018)

13th annual concert of japanese heritage instrumental music

lustral shades for shamisen, ryuteki, hichiriki, sho, and cello (premiere), miller theater, nyc, ny (march 31, 2018)

hidejiro honjoh (shamisen), takeshi sasamoto (ryuteki), mayumi miyata (sho), hitomi nakamura (hichiriki), and elena ariza (cello)

pma 360 “composing maine” with portland symphony orchestra

open passage —in memoriam andrew svoboda— for violin, cello, alto flute, and piano, players of the portland symphony orchestra, portland museum of art, portland, me (march 23, 2018)

boston university percussion ensemble concert

diacritic for percussion quartet, boston university college of fine arts concert hall, boston, ma (march 22, 2018)


mezinárodní hudební festival setkávání nové hudby plus

soramimi for baritone solo, premiere, vojtěch šembera, janaček academy of music, brno, czech republic (november 14, 2017)

momenta festival III closing concert “forces of creation”

singularity for string quartet, momenta quartet,  the center at west park, new york, ny (october 4, 2017)

juilliard summer percussion seminar closing concert

diacritic for percussion quartet, juilliard school, new york, ny (july 22, 2017)

flight over wasteland

multimedia collaboration based on t. s. eiliot’s waste land with artist liliya lifanova and choreographer, davy bisaro, knockdown center, maspeth, ny. (april 12-15, 2017)


havana contemporary music festival

open passage — in memoriam andrew svoboda— for alto flute, violin, cello, and piano, third sound, havana contemporary music festival, havana, cuba (november 13-19, 2016)

utari in tokyo vol. 2

blow-out for percussion quartet, utari, bunkyo civic hall, tokyo, japan (october 29, 2016)

third sound concert

open passage — in memoriam andrew svoboda—, third sound, saint bartholomew’s church, new york, ny (october 21, 2016)

boston conservatory percussion ensemble concert

diacritic for percussion quartet, boston conservatory theater, boston, ma (october 1, 2016)

mari asakawa piano recital

eventide for piano, mari asakawa, carnegie weill recital hall, new york, ny (september 30, 2016)

mari asakawa piano recital

eventide for piano (premiere), mari asakawa, olin arts center concert hall, bates college, lewiston, me (september 28, 2016)

boston university tanglewood institute 50th anniversary concert with buti percussion ensemble

diacritic for percussion quartet, buti percussion ensemble directed by george nickson, west street theater, tanglewood, ma (july 28, 2016)

juilliard summer percussion seminar

blow-out for percussion quartet, utari, the juilliard school, new york, ny (july 15, 2016)

connections austria-america

chindami  (revised version) for flute, clarinet, violin, contrabass, piano, and electronics, ensemble mise-en, austrian cultural forum (may 25, 2016)

queens new music festival

kodama for flute and marimba, iktus duo+, secret theater, queens, ny (may 22, 2016)

japanese sacred court music and ancient soundscapes reborn: poetry and paintings in concert

gossamer lattice for hichiriki, sho, and ryuteki, with hitomi nakamura, mayumi miyata, takeshi sasamoto, miller theater, new york, ny (march 26, 2016)

iktus duo+ residency at bates college

kodama for flute and marimba, iktus duo+, olin arts center, lewiston, me (march 12, 2016)

iktus duo+ concert

kodama for flute and marimba, iktus duo+, jack, brooklyn, ny (march 4, 2016)


ensemble mise-en bates college residency

chindami for flute, clarinet, violin, contrabass, piano, and electronics, ensemble mise-en, olin arts center, lewiston, me (november 19, 2015)

acoutstic + sounds from new england

chindami for flute, clarinet, violin, contrabass, piano, and electronics, ensemble mise-en, mise-en place, brooklyn, ny (november 5, 2015)

biennial ostrava music days

singularity for string quartet with fama Q, philharmonic hall, ostrava, czech republic (august 26, 2015)


from ancient/medieval mastery to contemporary

gossamer lattice for ryuteki, hichiriki, and sho with hitomi nakamura, takeshi sasamoto, and mayumi miyata, kioi hall, tokyo, japan (june 14, 2014)

juilliard wednesday at one concert
otik trio with juilliard percussion ensemble under direction of daniel druckman, alice tully hall, lincoln center, new york city, ny (april 16, 2014)
“unofficial” chamber music of america showcase
otik trio with iktus percussion, klavierhaus recital hall, new york city, ny (january 18, 2014)


the flow of sounds —mari asakawa piano recital—

atardecer/a…retraced, with mari asakawakôen-dôri classics, tokyo, japan (december 15, 2013)

mannes percussion ensemble concert

puncture me with mannes percussion ensemble under the direction of james baker, mannes college concert hall, new york, ny  (december 2, 2013)

new york times review of the concert

composition colloquium at mcgill university schulich school of music

composing in ex-futuro—imagining japan-ness in music— (november 21, 2013)

muse (multi cultural sonic evolution) sounds of arts festival

otik trio with iktus percussion, secret theatre, long island city, ny (november 21 & 23, 2013)

turning point duo debut tour

otik trio with matt sharrock, laurel black, and casey cangelosi, alexander fine arts center, concord university, athens, wv (october 23, 2013)

eastman school guest recital series

otik trio with iktus percussion, ray wright room, eastman school of music, rochester, ny (october 4, 2013)

japanese sacred court music and ancient soundscapes reborn

gossamer lattice for hichiriki, sho, and ryuteki, with hitomi nakamura, mayumi miyata, takeshi sasamoto, miller theater, new york, ny (march 8, 2013)

open passage festival of new music 2013, florida state university (february 1, 2013)


recordare – for make music new york winter festival (december 21, 2012)

for carillon of st-martin’s episcopal church, and marching brass musicians in new york city

preview article by wall street journal is here

read about recordare reviewed in linked music blog

singularity for string quartet momenta quartet (premiere — december 4, 2012)

olin arts center concert hall, bates college, lewiston, me

rutgers percussion ensemble concert (november 10, 2012)

mitate for percussion sextet (live recording)

nicholas music center, rutgers, nj

festival vacances percutantes

otik trio (european premiere — july 25, 2012)

théâtre  comoedia, marmande, france


umi-madre – sound installation –  (october 13-november 27, 2011)

centro de arte pepe espaliú, córdoba, spain

link to video

madama butterfly with mercury opera (august 23-27, 2011)


via italia-giovanni caboto park, edmonton, ab, canada

umi-madre – sound installation – (july 14-30, 2011)

la fragua artist residency, belalcázar, spain (read about it here in diario córdoba)

zeltsman marimba festival 2011 (8:00 pm, june 29, 2011)

otik trio

harper hall, lawrence memorial chapel, appleton, wi

weaving japanese sounds/ japan earthquake benefit concert (8:00 pm, may 7, 2011)


sachiko kato (pf) and airi yoshioka (vln)

tenri cultural institute, new york, ny

carnegie hall japan/nyc festival (see pages 18-19 of the pdf brochure)

mitate (new work)

juilliard percussion ensemble (8:00 pm, march 29, 2011)

alice tully hall, lincoln center, new york city, ny

new york times review of the concert

blow-out (new work)

line c3 percussion group (8:00 pm, april 2, 2011)

laguardia arts center, long island city, ny

japan oc festival at philharmonic society

gossamer lattice

takeshi sasamoto, ryuteki; hitomi nakamura, hichiriki; mayumi miyata, sho (8:00 pm, march 19, 2011)

sagerstorm center for the arts, samueli theater, orange county, ca

taka kigawa piano recital

atardecer/a…retraced for piano solo (7:30 pm. april 2, 2011)

le possion rouge, new york city, ny


listening in, looking out 2010

multimedia project with  peter bussigel,  alex koster, abby merson, jack schneider,  masaki endo, and school children in sendai, japan and lewiston, me

link to the project page

tome art triennale

collaborative installation with french artist fabiana cruz

“making of” video by fabiana cruz

ongoing project

passage project

collaboration with japanese photographer kanako sasaki


with naoto ogawa, film curator, at sendai mediatheque (sorry… in japanese only!)