for stage

sharaku unframed     score

micro-opera for soprano, baritone, shamisen, viola, flute, double bass, and percussion  (2019)

nikki einfeld (soprano), daniel cilli (baritone), hidejiro honjoh (shamisen and voice), and left coast chamber ensemble directed by matilda hofman

flight over wasteland

staged live installation for electronics and actors, in collaboration with davy bisaro and liliya lifanova (2017)

for large ensemble

galactic monarchs      score

for shakuhachi, string orchestra, harp, and percussion (2019)
performed by john kaizan neptune and berg orchestra directed by peter vrábel

analemma      score

for large orchestra (2013)

wind coils for chamber orchestra (2006)

american composers orchestra directed by jeff milarsky

kicked for chamber orchestra (2008)

cut for biwa and chamber orchestra (2007)

for solo and chamber ensemble

lustral shades      score

for hichiriki, sho, ryuteki, shamisen, and cello
Hidejiro Honjoh (shamisen), Takeshi Sasamoto (ryuteki), Mayumi Miyata(sho), Hitomi Nakamura (hichiriki), Elena Aliza (cello) (2018)

singularity      score

for string quartet

momenta quartet (2012 rev. 2015)

open passage    score

for alto flute, violin, cello, and piano

new york new music ensemble (2006)

diacritic      score

for percussion quartet

boston conservatory percussion ensemble (2016)

mitaté      score

for percussion sextet

rutgers percussion ensemble (2012)


eventide for piano

mari asakawa (2016)


puncture me for percussion trio (2001, rev. 2006)

time table percussion

blow out for percussion quartet

line c3 percussion

moon petals for violin and piano


kasane goshi for gagaku sankan ensemble 

members of reigakusha (mayumi miyata, sho; takeshi sasamoto, ryuteki; hitomi nakamura, hichiriki)  excerpt only (2007)


save twilight for cello and electronics (2003)

otik trio for percussion trio (2004)

time table percussion

for multimedia

listening in, looking out (co-created with video artist peter bussigel and school children in sendai, japan)

for percussion, cello, and video (2009)


interactive lines (co-created with video artist fabiana cruz)

video installation (2010)

motion studies for marimba and video controlled by max/msp jitter (2009)

for film

junko’s shamisen      film by sol friedman (2009)

performed by nagata shachu ensemble and ten-ten 

4021 parkside avenue     flim by byron karabatsos (2008)